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Gypsy Minette

Brand Identity

Michelle Quillen also known as Gypsy Minette, is an influencer and 15-time published pinup model. She had commissioned me to create an illustration that could be used for various items of merchandise for her fans! Miss Quillen entrusted me to recreate her likeness in my style along with her favorite vintage bathing suit.  You can follow her on Instagram 
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I took a lot of time to select an artist to create a sticker with my likeness and am so glad I went with Kristen. I had a specific look in mind and she was determined to get everything that I envisioned, from the pose to hair/expression details, and clothing. Her recreation of the vintage floral pattern blew me away! Great communication every step of the way and patience with feedback and revisions.
Highly recommended for your custom illustration needs!

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