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It's A Small World

( Packaging / Digital / DVD Cover )

Known as “The Happiest Cruise That Ever Sailed”, this much-loved attraction magically invites you to sing along to the classic anthem of world peace during a musical boat tour hosted by joyful voices of the many animatronic dolls of the children of the world.


Personally, overseen by Walt Disney, the attraction was a huge hit for two seasons at the New York World's Fair in honor of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). It was eventually shipped back to Disneyland Park where it reopened on May 28, 1966. This incredible documentary features a rare interview with Disney Legend and Imagineer, Rolly Crump. Enjoy the exciting concept ideas, the addition of Disney character dolls years later and details about the history of this truly charming attraction beloved by so many. Make sure to add this enchanting piece to your Disney collection today!

DVD packaging and phone case design for The Attraction Series from Theme Parkology.
DVD available at Theme Parkology
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