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The Haunted Mansion

( Packaging / Digital / DVD Cover )
Climb into a gloomy Doom Buggy for a supernatural journey through a tangle of "frightful" chambers featuring 999 happy haunts. Experiences include a stretching room with no windows or doors, a spooky portrait chamber, ballroom and graveyard.
The disembodied voice of your Ghost Host will guide through this cadaverous realm of the estate, directing you from room to room, including a séance hosted by the otherworldly spiritualist, Madame Leota. Be warned that three mischievous hitchhiking ghosts just might try to follow you home!
This documentary will guide you through the concept of this popular attraction to completion, including an interview with creator, Jeff Baham, and Disney Legend and Imagineer, Bob Gurr. This DVD makes a wonderful gift as well as incredible addition to any Disney Park collection!

DVD packaging and cell phone case for The Attraction Series from Theme Parkology.
DVD available at Theme Parkology
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